What Motivates Us


We are inspired by Circular Economy and nature itself. We create solutions that enable our customers to improve their businesses results in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. We create, organize, manage and evaluate the impact of events and projects, specially designed for your business, that will help you raise your innovative and conscious posture. 




We bring tomorrow's businesses and organizations to life.


To develop an organization focused on the people, organizations and ecology of their activities. Develop excellence-driven services that are geared to creating a future we can be proud of, honouring our purpose and the purpose of the people and organizations we work with.


Together we can create the best version of the FUTURE!


To leave as legacy an organization that is a reference in promoting an Ecological, Social and Innovative organizational posture, that encourages the ideas, creativity, development of prosperous, sustainable and inclusive people and organizations.



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Incubadora Startup Alentejo - Av. 25 de Abril,

7080-134 Vendas Novas, Portugal

Tel: (+351) 963 983 893

Email: beecircular.geral@gmail.com

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