Image by Dmitry Grigoriev

Our Brand



The name Bee Circular represents a pun between the words " be"  (being circular) and "bee", which is considered one of the most important animals for the balance of ecosystems. The symbology of bees represents an example of cooperation, effort and responsibility, as well as being the main pollinators of the earth, playing a decisive role in nature and in the preservation of ecosystems.


It is for these and other reasons that we are inspired by bees and their role in biodiversity. As these, we intend to “pollinate” societies so that they can have an increasingly positive performance for people and the environment.




The Bee Circular logo was designed to convey its ideals, being full of symbolism. It is possible to see a spiral element, with 3 turns, in order to transmit the evolution of cycles in a society, in constant transformation, for a better future.


On the other hand, it is still noticeable, the element B , which represents the first letter of the brand, being also a symbolism of a bee's wing; in the same way, the existence of a heart is still perceptible, thus representing our love for the Circular Economy.

Color :

The Bee Circular brand consists of two colors:

Coral (Purpose) The choice for coral, aims to make this color vibrant and transmitting energy, creativity and dynamism, being between pink and orange.

Pink is a color that has a symbology associated with maternal (earth mother), the act of caring, love (for the planet and living beings), good intentions (promoting companies with a sustainable posture) and delicate (fragility of nature and life).

Orange, on the other hand, is associated with energy, essence (people and organizations with a purpose), joy and creativity (posture of events to develop), professional goals, partnerships, career (we intend to promote the evolution of companies, instead of the unrestrained and destructive growth) and to the Earth.

Gray (Company posture) – In addition to being chosen to contrast with coral, is intended to symbolize professionalism, security, confidence, intelligence, dignity, solidity, sophistication and quality.