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From Idea to Action

Get your ideas off the paper and join us on the road to Circularity

Have an idea for a circular project but don't know where to start? Would you like to promote your company's transition to the Circular Economy? Do you want to make your organization more competitive through sustainable innovations?


We can help you!!

Our consulting and mentoring solutions will help you and your organization to achieve your goals by empowering and guiding you throughout the process to boost your results! Each session has a total duration of 1h30 and can be online or in-person*, as individuals or as a team.

Our mentoring and consulting solution gives you access to ongoing follow-up, templates, exclusive tools and content and Q&A sessions.

Special Offer: Free1st session!

Contact us today and come with us to create the best version of the FUTURE!

* currently only available in Portugal



Financial, Social and


Environmental Sustainability

We promote sustainable innovation in your business

We promote the implementation, management and impact control of Ecoinnovation projects for organizations and entrepreneurs. We've developed a unique and innovative methodology, structured to accelerate results, reduce costs and maximize positive impact.

​In order to ensure high-value results, BeeCircular promotes creativity and innovation through methods such as design thinking, listening and engaging with stakeholders at various levels (customers, suppliers, partners, community) and a close relation and partnership with universities and research departments.

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Skydiving Events


by BeeCircular

Events that will bring the best of Circular Economy to your business

Would you like to promote the creativity of your team and make your business more sustainable? Would you like to advertise your business while creating a relationship of greater trust and closeness with your customer? Are you concerned with ensuring conscious and responsible action?

​Then, our skydiving events are the best solution for you and your business. Our eco-events are designed to have a low environmental footprint and are zero-waste. Our goal is to reduce waste and environmental impact generated by events, increasing the life cycle of materials and raising awareness to the participants on the environmental challenges we're currently experiencing.

Eco-Events Portfolio:

  • Eco-entrepreneurship workshops

  • Ecoinnovation Labs

  • Upcycling Workshops

  • Sustainability Workshops for Children

  • Seminars and Talks

  • Team Buildings

  • Commemorative Events

​Contact us and come with us to create the best version of the FUTURE!


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